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Dynamic & Cross-Device

How it works?

Magnetico will learn your clients' behaviors and retarget them at the right moment with personalized ads, so they'll return to your site to complete the registration or purchase!

What is Retargeting for?

To increase your sales and leads

Where will my ads show?

On desktops, mobiles, Facebook, Instagram, and up to 95% of Internet sites

Who will see my ads?

Only the people that left your site without registering or buying

Get more site visitors and grow your audience with

Mobile & Programmatic Display

How it works?

Use Artificial Intelligence to show your ads to the right audience, with display ads, Video, or Mobile, anywhere in the world.

What is it for?

To grow your audience, get more visitors to your site, and generate brand awareness

Where will my ads show?

On desktops and mobiles. On up to 95% of Internet sites and thousands of Apps

Who will see my ads?

Only people that have your target profile. We use geographic, demographic and interest attributes. For example people in your city looking for the products you sale

Retargeting Mobile & Programmatic